Rachael Anderson BSc (Hons) MSCh

What is a Podiatrist and what do they do?

Podiatrists are specialists who have been trained to a degree level to prevent, diagnose and treat various conditions of the feet and lower limb. Their main aim is to keep people mobile, active and relieve pain and/or infections and improving quality of life.

We offer an island wide service which is domiciliary based, giving you the comfort of being treated in your own home.

HCPC Registered.

Member of Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.



Foot Care


Callus / Hard skin

Ingrowing toenails

Warts / Verrucas

Fungal and thickened toenails

Athlete’s foot

Routine treatment – £35

Verruca treatment – £20 – £60

Foot Biomechanics


Flat feet / Fallen arches

Heel pain

Achilles tendon problems

Forefoot pain (pain in the ball of the foot)

Knee pain

Shin / General leg pain

Various sports injuries

Routine treatment – £80



“Rachael is very patient, does not rush the procedure and is gentle, especially with my low pain threshold! I have recommended her to family and friends.”

E. Radcliffe, Peel

“I suffered a Schatzker VI Tibial Plateau Fracture in 2014. External fixation and intensive physio got me back on my feet again but I was unbalanced, off centered and had pain standing still. Rachael's warm and engaging personality put me at ease while we figured out what was causing the issues. A limb length discrepancy was picked up by Rachael which had been previously overlooked and a set of specific exercises and orthotics were prescribed. I'm now standing easier, walking more naturally and feel straightened out once again. With injuries like this it is vital to continue to seek further gains in improvement - but under the advice of someone who not only knows what they are doing, but who is attentive and understanding of your own personal case - which is what you get with Fitter-Feet.”

“I have been a patient of Rachael's for a long time and I would highly recommend her. She is professional, courteous and always does a fantastic job sorting out my problem of ingrown toe nails.”

H. Noble

M. Duxbury, Castletown



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